The making


Marava's Purge

Proof of concept

The Making of Marava's Purge

In late September we shot a proof of concept short film called Marava’s Purge. The short film will function not just as a short form pilot for the ideas and visuals in Rise!, but also as a means to reach our audiences.

Editing is currently under way for Marava’s Purge and we are at the final stages of bringing together an exciting team of visual effects artists, editors and compositors.

The film is set on the 1st Floor of the Aberrant Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) where the ‘Purge Rooms’ are located. The purge rooms are enclosed spaces where Aberrants are allowed to spend time away from the watchful eyes of the Guardians and importantly, SENSE-A.

Part confessional, part ‘rage room’, the Purge Rooms are the only places where aberrants are allowed to feel their ‘aberrant’ emotions.

Fay Beck
Fay Beck, Martina Avogadri
Martina Avogadri
behind the scenes

Film Stills and
BTS shots

BTS shots of our socially distanced filmset and a sneaky look inside the 1st Floor of the ARC.